A Brand Strategy Agency

Minh Khang Agency started in 2015. With 9 years of experience, we are a professional agency when it comes to consulting media strategy, producing creative content and being a bridge for bussinesses to reach their customers easily and efficiently.

Minh Khang Agency has well-experienced local staff that produces international standard products. We offer all the media marketing consulting services, creative services, digital marketing services, and software, app, website developments.

Minh Khang Agency has a team of professionals with various experties in a closed system “Consulting demand – Planning idea – Implementing production – Finnishing, Optimizing – Supporting Business.”


  • Step 1: Listening to customer’s stories, receiving requests and consulting executing strategy.
  • Step 2: Building customer journey maps, planning idea development and producing content.
  • Step 3: Implementing the works according to the decided plan.
  • Step 4: Finnishing the production, following-up, reporting and optimizing the bussiness efficiency.
  • Step 5: Being ready to support businesses when incidents arise in the executed campagn.


  • 100% fulltime staff with at least 3 years of experience, devoted and professtional working attitude.
  • With our experience working with many big bussinesses, Minh Khang Agency know the local market thoroughly.
  • The flexible creativity that makes campagns works effectively.


  • Bussiness human resources will be streamlined, their marketing activities will be easily managed.
  • Pocessing quality products, optimizing financial investment.
  • Supported about media advertizing ideas.
  • Consulted about their advertizing activities and other business aspects.


  • A complete marketing office, cooperating our works efficiently
  • Well-experienced in our field of expertise
  • Commited on giving products and services of quality
  • Working with high ethusiasm and responsibility


  • Commited to quality content and always the highest effieciency for every advertizing activities.
  • Commited to quantity of content according to the designed plan.