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When the Brand Becomes Human

When the Brand Becomes Human (Part 1)

More and more brands are adopting human qualities to attract customers in the digital age. To achieve this, we need to decode customer concerns and desires through social listening, anthropology, and in-depth research.

To address these concerns and desires thoroughly, business owners need to humanize their brand, approaching customers as entities with minds, hearts, and souls. A brand should appeal in appearance, persuade intellectually, engage in conversations with multiple touchpoints, evoke emotional appeal, and demonstrate a strong personality and ethics.

As we transition into a world where A.I. and robotic technology integrate into daily human life, much like smartphones have done—from automated factories, voice-controlled household items to robot doctors, lawyers, and ChatGPT…
In that scenario, customers will become more concerned than ever, subconsciously seeking their own identity with the question, ‘What does it mean to be human in a digital world?’

Business owners should reflect on:

What are your customers’ concerns and desires?
Does your brand possess any human-like qualities?
What can you do to make it more ‘human’?

This article draws theoretical insights from the book ‘Marketing 4.0’ and continues in Part 2 with practical examples from MKA.

Stay tuned for the next read! 🤝

Minh Trịnh MKA
Local Strategist
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